chemistry in the air ❤️


chemistry in the air ❤️

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I have been reading an inordinate number of hiddlesworth fanfic in the past few days, and it’s amazing how many of them are underage twink Tom and big burly older Chris who teaches him how to take a giant cock like a champ.



Charles is a famous erotica writer, and Erik is the editor of his latest book.
(Inspired by one of my favorite books - “The Siren”)

Oh god yes, yes PLEASE. I love this so much.

(Also on AO3: Something Like A Second.)

"Darling, are you busy? Could you come here for a minute?"

"That depends. Is it for research?"

"No, not at all," comes the blatant, dirty lie.

Erik puts his book aside and goes to the study anyway. He’s long since developed strategies to deal with this particular pitfall of living with a bestselling author of what the bookstores generally shelve as “erotica,” though Charles himself prefers “filth.”

"I’m taking a break," Charles claims, stretching in place as Erik rounds the doorway. "I’ve done a day’s work already— I’ve banked a good 1200 words, and I came up with a plausible reason for them to have sex in the walk-in freezer."

"Glad that research won’t go to waste. What are we testing out now?”

"You’re so cynical," Charles sighs, a complete dodge, as he saunters over and wraps his arms around Erik’s shoulders.

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Are you guys big fans of comic books? Comic book movies?

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-The Prophecy-

I always want to drew this Prophecy since it is so beautiful and sad. I hope that I can understand and present the meaning of the prophecy in someway.

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Cherik AU : Fifty Shades of Metal 

"Well, Mr. Xavier. I want you to find someone for me."

Erik is the owner of Lehnsherr corp. Charles is a private investigator.

Erik wants to find  Emma Frost , a corporate spy who stole confidential company data of new technology.

So Erik and Charles meet, of course their chemistry is immediate and explosive and now we can guess what will happen between them. 

  The title idea from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie poster.(x)

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I swear to god, I have twice seen another Jaguar car commercial with Benedict Cumberbatch voicing it, BUT THEY DON’T SHOW HIM! WTF? I never see Benedict on my American TV, I want that to be a thing!! So show him Jaguar!!



-combined powers- 

Fassy like ‘wow yeah imagine that!! ahaha!! imagine I fell madly madly in love with you!! ahahaha!! what a crazy… crazy… *dreamy sigh* idea…’

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